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B-Pods Holdings Pty Ltd, the owner of Tractile, is an innovative Australian company dedicated to identifying and developing improved building systems and materials.

B-Pods Holdings Pty Ltd aims to market technology, construction systems, and related building products globally, both directly and through a network of associated companies. B-Pods Holdings Pty Ltd will provide profitable returns to shareholders through product sales, licensing, royalties and sale of technology and joint venture investments.

Our vision is to apply advanced technologies in simple building solutions. By combining the best in new ideas and materials with the reliability and trust of traditional quality standards, we will build faster, stronger, smarter: better.

We are acknowledged as pioneers and experts in the fields of:

  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (BIPV-T) Solar Systems
  • Composite materials for the Building & Construction industry
  • Product Development and Commercialisation
  • Intellectual Property Management and Licensing
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