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The first seed of B-Pods Holdings Pty Ltd (the “Company”) occurred in the mind of Mr Bernhard Podirsky as he imagined a revolutionary housing product in 2001. In the same year, he registered his concept of a new design and process for building roofs and houses using an interlocking system and began the process of bringing his innovation to market.

Recognising the strength of the new idea, Mr Jason Perkins joined the Company as an investor in September of 2004 and assumed an executive position, alongside Mr Podirsky.

B-Pods Holdings Pty Ltd was incorporated on 28 June 2005 to act as a holding company for Patents AU02-00511 Cladding Apparatus & Method (Roof Tiles) and AU03-00743 Cladding Apparatus Methods & System (Wall Panels and Barges) and now owns patents for similar and other products around the world.

The Company also owns rights to the Tractile ™ Solar product, previously known as KISStile, which is the world's first Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (BIPV-T) roof tile.

More specifically, the company has achieved the following milestones:

  • 2006 - KISStile (now Tractile Solar) was a finalist in the Australian Design Awards, Australia Technology Showcase (ATS)
  • 2007 - Tractile patents granted
  • 2008 - Tractile Solar invited to join the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS)
  • 2009 - Tractile develops and successfully tests world's first low-pitch roof tile
  • 2009 - Tractile Solar finalist in the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) Rising Star Award
  • 2010 - Tractile participates in Queensland Government Office of Advanced Manufacturing research project into Embodied Energy of Composite Products and proves to have less embedded energy and carbon than both concrete tiles and steel sheet roofing
  • 2010 - Tractile receives Letter Of Intent (LOI) from leading roofing company to license technology
  • 2011 - Tractile Solar Horizon test program with Ergon Energy takes place at Bond University Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture and in Townsville as part of the Townsville City Council Rowes Bay depot
  • 2011 - company secures a Commercialisation Australia grant,allowing the company to build and install a couple of test roofs to showcase the Tractile portolio of products
  • 2012 - Joint Venture with Ecovation Pty Ltd to distribute the Tractile portfolio of products on the Australian and international markets
  • 2012 - Next generation Tractile Interlocking Roof System and Tractile Solar product range ready for production and distribution
  • 2012 - Tractile Solar Horizon is the recipient of JEC Asia 2012 Innovation Awards for Energy
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