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Jason Perkins - Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jason is one of the seed investors founding B-Pods in 2005. He has been involved in all facets of technology and product development and the commercialisation process. He is responsible for strategy, negotiating with potential partners, and business development. He has an extensive background in commercialisation and setting up new businesses. Jason has previously worked in financial markets before specialising in managing venture capital investments. He has a degree in Commerce from Bond University.

Bertio Terpstra - Executive Director & CFO/COO

From the first day Bertio got involved with Tractile in early 2011 he has been working on the products’ commercial break through. He combines a long term vision with practical hands on execution skills. Bertio started his career in ICT and ERP in 1988 in Europe, moved in 1993 to Asia setting up ERP consultancy companies in 9 countries. In 2005 he sold his Asian ERP businesses and started a new company in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In 2009 he moved to Australia and developed a local solar company into a multi million dollar regional energy management company. Bertio holds an engineering master degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Helmut Pfeifhofer – Executive Director & Supply Chain Management

Across his wide professional experience, Helmut has gained strong leadership in the Project Management of complex manufacturing projects in for example the paper and pulp industry. More specifically, Helmut's role is to concentrate on operations, such as manufacturing and related supply chain activities, including materials, parts and related technical & engineering management.

Glenn Simpkin - Specialist Advisor Marketing & Roofing Industry

Glenn has over 25 years experience in the Australian building materials industry holding positions as National General Manager Sales & Marketing Development, Divisional General Manager with Boral Limited a $1 Billion + Australian building company. Glenn develops strategic marketing plans, drives innovation process and the development of integrated product offers. In his various roles and positions he is or has been responsible for delivering the overall improvement in the sales & marketing functions and brand management. Glenn holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Management (Marketing) degree at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

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